Lightweight Knit Poncho

The lightweight knit poncho is a must-have summer accessory because of it's simplicity, elegance, and versatility. It can be worn as a shawl, cape, poncho, scarf, covering your arms or chest or anywhere where you feel exposed and need a little lightweight coverage without completely hiding your outfit or weighing you down. The poncho can be draped symmetrically with a cowl neck, streamlined against your chest and neckline, or diagonally across the front or back or worn as a halter, a scarf, a tube dress or even a skirt over a bikini. The ways you can wear it are limitless! It's great for adding a pop of color or elegance to a simple tank top and jeans outfit and gives you the perfect amount of warmth for those cool nights. It's so lightweight it can fold into a little ball to tuck in your purse for later, a great travel accessory. Comes in over 40 beautiful colors and made of soft, light, breathable rayon.

Original size will be un-stretched, if you prefer a larger, longer size all you have to do is stretch it! Either by pulling it out or shaking it out or leaving it on a hanger will dramatically change it's size. It will return to it's original size after washing!

Hand/Delicate Wash recommended in cold water, lay flat to dry.

These poncho knit accessories are a beautiful solution to giving you the little bit of coverage women need to feel more confident and comfortable when they wear sleeveless tops or dresses!

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