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Gypsy Jumpsuit Sizing

 To find your torso measurement, measure from the middle of bust to inseam (crotch seam) and add 1” to the total to determine your torso length/size.

If you are 20”-21” you can wear all of the sizes and are not limited to only the small torso, you just have more options that’s all! The 24” is the true one size fits all from XS- XL and is the most flattering, more flowy like a dress and the most comfortable on most sizes and heights and gives more room for adjustment and styling. The overall length of the jumpsuit is not affected by the torso length and easily adjusted depending on how high you wear it, the styling or by tying tshirt knots.

Our Gypsy Wide Leg Jumpsuits are made from pre-cut sarongs, so we don’t have control over the dimensions we start with. All jumpsuits are one size (occasionally we offer in 2 versions) but they all vary a little in the length of the torso, bust to inseam. *They do not vary in overall length.* The end torso length depends on the size of the sarong print we start with, i.e. Mandala prints tend to be our smallest sarong. They are what we call a “Small/Short Torso” and will usually fit XS-M sizes 0-6 with a measurement of 20". Medium Torso 22" will fit up to Large US women’s sizes 0-8/10 generally. Our larger sarongs, generally prints that are repeating, create a longer torso, that’s a true one size fits most XS-XL sizes 0-16 beautifully, it’s the most adjustable. The longer torso (labeled “L” for Long not Large and does not add length to the leg just the torso) ranges around 23-25” bust to crotch. You want this measurement to be loose though not fitted, don’t forget to add 1” to your measurement!

But if your borderline or unsure it might be best to size up so that it's flowing and comfortable and not fitted! 

These are very adjustable for height and length as well. The Long Torso has more room to wear the jumpsuit higher on your bust which shortens the overall length whereas the shorter torso you may or may not be able to do that.  you can adjust in the shoulder straps and wear the jumpsuit high or low on the bust and use different shoulder strap styling which will all will affect the overall length. But you can also tie a knot in the leg to make them as short as you want! The bigger the knot the higher it will go!

As for flattering- the rayon fabric is so incredibly soft and lightweight it drapes like silky water and that's why ladies of all ages and sizes love these jumpsuits because they are so flattering and SO COMFORTABLE. They hide everything and they drape inward at an angle which is slimming and the longest part is in the middle so it's elongating too. 

We have a worry free full return or exchange if you don't love it!!