Amy Kimono Maxi Summer Kaftan Dress- Sexy Slit Beach Dress in Turquoise Ikat Cotton Sarong

Long maxi dress with two high slits in front to show some major leg to strut your stuff. Kimono styled short sleeve with elastic bodice.

Our Kimono Dress come in Sarong and Premium Voile fabrics, both are 100% Rayon but they differ in quality and printing process which makes them both unique and highly desirable.

Created in small batches by artisans (so every production is unique) using ancestral dyeing techniques that are recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of World Heritage and printed on the soft lightweight water based rayon. Sarongs are pieces of fabric and not rolls so they are not easily mass produced.


Breathable super soft 100% Rayon sarongs from Bali help you stay cool and let body heat escape, the air goes right through them and bonus- they don’t stick to you and your legs won’t rub together either.


Primary color